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How to Give a Great Refurbished Gift

Posted by Pete on Dec 5th 2018

Refurbished products make excellent gifts for the holidays. We’ve previously discussed some of the common misconceptions surrounding refurbished products as well as the advantages of buying refurbished. Today we will look at some of the unique ways you can wrap (or not wrap) your refurbished product that will guarantee your gift recipient will absolutely love it!

Everyone has their own way of wrapping presents. It doesn’t matter if you’ve learned the family’s trick for getting the perfect crease or have found the “put it in a gift bag and cover it with tissue paper” approach works best for you: 


Refurbished items may not come in the original packaging, so we have come up with some helpful tips and tricks to make sure your gift’s presentation is better than all the others.

Pair your gift with other accessories:

Cases, chargers, and cables are all great accessories you can give with your gift. There are nearly endless styles and colors of accessories to go with any item. Tabletslaptopscameras, and headphones all have third-party carrying cases available from countless sellers. Use some your savings from buying refurbished to pick a case that your recipient will love. Pack the case with the gift’s included accessories, such as cables and chargers, or pick up a few fun and colorful accessories that match the case. Now you have the perfect gift to wrap however you see fit! Picking the perfect accessories helps personalize the gift to your recipient and shows that little extra love and care that makes your gift special. 

Set the gift up ahead of time

The excitement of a new gift can quickly wear off when your recipient must spend time getting it set up. No one likes to plug in all the video components or get the cable box set up with a new TV. You can give the extra gift of a hassle free set up by setting up your refurbished gift ahead of time. This may require you to be a bit sneaky but the pay off is huge. Imagine how exciting it would be to walk into room with a 4k TV already hung on the wall, the Blu-ray player already plugged in, the soundbar already synced, and your favorite movie playing. I would take that over a gift-wrapped box any day! TV’s, laptops, and Bluetooth speakers are all excellent candidates to be set up ahead of time. Once you have finished setting up the gift you can put a nice big over-sized bow on it and you are all set!

Make your own themed packaging

Setting up a gift ahead of time is an excellent choice for the technologically savvy. The more creative types may want to take a slightly different approach. There are no rules saying that gifts must be wrapped in paper or bags. Why not stop by the local craft store and see what sort of containers you can find to conceal your gift. A small, decorative Christmas stocking could be the perfect packaging for a pair of wireless headphones. A re-usable cloth bag can be a nice gift itself and can provide gift wrapping for another gift inside. A decorative box (either pre-made or decorated by you) not only does the trick as gift wrapping, it can also be used to store small valuable items or jewelry. The possibilities are as endless as your creativity.

Now that you know how to wrap your gift, you can buy with confidence! See all of our best holiday gift ideas and shop today to be sure you’ll have all the gifts you need for the holiday season!

From our family to yours, have a Happy Holiday!