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Sony MDR-XB80BS/B Headphones Review

Posted by Rebecca on Apr 28th 2017

My anticipation was high. I had plans for these sweat-proof headphones, and I was chomping at the bit to give them a go! After ripping open the packaging, I was relieved to see the headphones came with ear buds in various sizes. I have weirdly small ear holes, and often encounter issues with ear buds actually staying in my ears. Luckily, the smallest size looked very promising.

To be perfectly honest, I was skeptical the over-ear design would stay secure throughout my workout--especially because I wear glasses, in addition to having small ears! Previous over-ear designs left my ears pinched, or with a headache from my glasses being smashed against my head. I plugged them in for a quick charge, and was set to go shortly thereafter. By holding the “On” button for 7-seconds, I was able to turn them on, and figure out how to pair bluetooth headphones to my phone with relative ease. When wearing the earbuds, I heard a voice confirmation, stating the headphones have been paired. Prior to that, I never knew I wanted this feature, but I am beyond excited about it!

With my glasses on, I slid the headphones over my ears. Shocked in the best way possible, they comfortably fit between my ear and glasses! In fact, after wearing them for a few minutes, I barely noticed I was wearing them. I finally had found a pair of headphones for small heads! As I started my warm-up, I realized how magnificent it was to have cordless headphones. In the past, I was constantly cognizant of where the wire was. There were too many instances where I accidentally ripped the cord right out from my phone. On top of that, I have an iPhone 7, which means I only have one jack: a lightning jack. In order to use wired headphones, I always had to carry around a converter or remember my iPhone 7-specific ear buds. Either way, it was a pain in the butt. So, no more having to be aware of wires? Uh, yes please!

While all of these features are phenomenal, the sound quality is, to be totally cliche, slamming. Seriously, the bass in these headphones is absolutely incredible! Since the ear buds fit so well, it felt like I had a private concert as I was working out. Any outside noise was only noticeable when I chose to acknowledge it, otherwise it was exceedingly minimal. The music flowed evenly into both ears. By this time, I was a sweaty mess. To my delight, the headphones had stayed in place. The real test was on the way, though, when I began my abs and stretching routine. If the headphones were going to fall off, that would be the time.

I laid down on the mat and started working my core muscles. Everything from Russian twists to quick V-ups, the headphones stayed firmly in place. As I began stretching, I let myself fall into a forward fold. With my face against my knees, gravity was in a prime position to influence whether they stayed on my head or not. Yet, they continued to remain in place. I finished up the rest of my workout, and was beyond pleased. Not only was I feeling great, my headphones opened up a whole new way to exercise. What were originally intended as headphones for working out, they quickly made their way into my every day life. I would recommend these headphones, hands-down, no questions asked.

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