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Why Buy Refurbished?

Why Buy Refurbished?

Posted by Bowen on Jul 14th 2017

I used to be apprehensive about buying refurbished, but over the past year I have completely reversed my views. Here’s why: buying refurbished is simply smarter. Don’t get me wrong, new products ar … read more
Sony MDR-XB80BS/B Headphones Review

Sony MDR-XB80BS/B Headphones Review

Posted by Rebecca on Apr 28th 2017

My anticipation was high. I had plans for these sweat-proof headphones, and I was chomping at the bit to give them a go! After ripping open the packaging, I was relieved to see the headphones cam … read more

Announcing: Amazon Pay on

Mar 3rd 2017

Our wallets, like our lives, are becoming digital. When buying online, unlike in a store, buying isn't always a swipe away. You have to enter your card data, enter your address, and, if you're shippin … read more